Transformers “Robot God of War” (oversized knock off of MMC Feral Rex a.k.a. G1 Predaking) from Jinbao

Transformers “Robot God of War” (oversized knock off of MMC Feral Rex a.k.a. G1 Predaking) from Jinbao

Their boxes are huge!!! Bigger than Hasbro MP Seekers’ boxes. Sadly there’s a lot of dead space in there. I wish they trimmed it down a bit.

Leo Dux’s box is thicker by 10-15%

Each box measures roughly 14.5″ x 13.75″ x 5″


Supposed to be a G1 homage to the Autobot pretender Catilla. MMC just actually threw this one into the mix to maximize their molds and to give folks the option of forming Feral Rex with a more “balanced – looking” mode (both “cats” form the shoulders, yellow colors on one side)

Melee weapon.

Lack of wrist swivel joint on all of the KO ‘cons makes for awkward gun-holding poses. MMC version had wrist swivels on theirs.

The only way to pose them with their guns on now is to lift the whole arm up. Too bad…

He does come with a huge sword, but as the handle is too thick and the plastic for the sword seems a bit brittle (gold plastic syndrome? Hope not) I don’t recommend trying to slot the sword in..

Talon (G1 Divebomb)



Supposedly the original MMC Talon had missile attachments for his wings (not sure), but they aren’t included here.

Bovis (G1 Tantrum)

Sadly, the backpack attachment isn’t properly scaled so it cannot plug into Bovis’ back in beast mode.

It just sorta sits there in this pic.

Fortunately, the backpack plug can be plugged in in robot mode.

Bovis is the only Feralcon I have, here’s a size comparison.

Hmm… for some reason they switched around the legs for Fortis and Bovis.

Leo Dux (G1 Razorclaw)

In the original MMC, the lion’s mane collapses to make the robot mode look cleaner, the KO does not have that ability.

The cannon barrel can also collapse, but I figured it looks cooler shafted out (likewise, the shoulder cannons also shaft in and out to make it longer or shorter).


These two parts combine to form Leo’s tail in beast mode.

… which ports in here:

This little pieces comes with Felisaber, it’s meant to cover up Rex’s head in beast mode.

There’s supposed to be a port for the cannon on Leo’s hind thigh. Jinbao forgot to drill it out.

Fortis (G1 Headstrong)

Like Bovis and Leo Dux, this guy’s head is also too big and disproportional.

Feral Rex’s hand is attached to the foot section.

Backpack mode

Tigris (G1 Rampage)

With Felisaber

The Feralcons/Predacons


Do note that the rifle cannot be attached properly to Talon in Rex mode. The hole is too big. Can be fixed with the addition of teflon ribbon tape around the peg to make the peg thicker though.

Feral Rex stands roughly 15.5″ tall counting the cannons. 19″ counting the wing tips.

The Oppenheimer sword is about 2 feet long.

The grip on the hands isn’t quite strong enough to hold the sword for this pose. You can cheat it a bit and have the lower portion of the handle sit on Fortis’s chest.

Swapping Felisaber for Talon.

Talon has a front “male peg” system to attach to the back of Leo Dux so he becomes the backpack.

I don’t really recommend using Talon as a backpack for the KO though, as he’s already top heavy and has some issues standing upright due to the weaker groin/hip joints on Leo Dux compared to the original MMC.

The weigh-in:

Felisaber – 247 Grams
Talon (G1 Divebomb) – 351 Grams
Bovis (G1 Tantrum) – 305 Grams
Leo Dux (G1 Razorclaw) – 472 Grams
Fortis (G1 Headstrong) -302 Grams
Tigris (G1 Rampage) -249 Grams
Feral Rex (G1 Predaking) – 1853 Grams (2100 Grams with Felisaber)

Comparison with the Transformers Combiner Wars guys

Devastator is still the tallest.

Notes and things “nice to know” (because the manual is crap)

-The MMC version of Leo Dux’s lion head’s mane/chest piece actually collapses in robot mode to make it look aesthetically better. The KO version does not collapse.

-No wrist swivels for all the KOs (see Felisaber section). The result is the ‘cons can only hold their weapons up if you pose the entire arm up, instead of just elbow level. MMC versions had wrist swivels.

-Plastic quality is decent, not great, but fairly ok. More or less a notch below Hasbro’s plastic.

-For some reason Bovis and Fortis’ animal legs are swapped around in the KO.

-Manual is a mess. Easier to just lookup Youtube videos of how to transform. Particularly with regards to the sword and giant rifle assembly

-Felissaber comes with this piece, which is meant for Leo Dux, to cover up the Feral Rex head in robot mode.

-When forming the giant rifle, some of the guns don’t slot in well. I advise not to force it if it doesn’t work.

-Quality issue with Talon – When he forms the arm, the ratchet joint for Rex’s armpit is easily broken. I’m not sure if this was ever an issue with the original Feral Rex but here it the ratchet breaks very easily.

-Peg slot for the big rifle on Talon in Rex mode is too big, it just sorta sits there in this pic, falls off with slightest touch.

-Leo Dux’s shoulder cannons can shaft out, making them longer for Feral Rex mode

-Rumored “new heads” in the works from Jinbao? To be released in March 2016?

-Rumored 2nd KO of Feral Rex from another company, Metal Club (the guys who KO’ed the Saint Seiya figures). But the KO this time will NOT be oversized but a direct copy, which will put them just a bit taller than the Combiner Wars Combiners. Possible diecast?

-Feral’s foot is remolded for some reason, it’s not a direct copy of the MMC version

-Feral’s foot requires non-slip stickers, this will help make the figure stand more stable (Feral is top heavy even in default mode)

-In the MMC version, Feral Rex’s Feet can attach to the backs of Bovis and Fortis in beast modes. It is insanely difficult to do here. Not recommended and just skip it.

-Heads are oversized on most of the Feralcons. Not too bad but still could’ve been better if they were proportional

-Missing accessories on some of these guys (Talon’s missiles). Looks to be intentional/cost cutting measure?

-These leg parts are located on all of the ‘cons, Their purpose is to serve as weapon holsters for the bots.

-When forming the giant gun, remember to rotate one of these cannon slots so they can “merge” with each other.

-Each Feralcon stands roughly 9″ tall

Overall, not bad but has it’s share of problems. The shelf presence is really impressive and considering it costs only a 10th of what the original does, it’s a great deal.

I’m still waiting on final confirmation of the other KO from Metal Club price and quality before I can say with absolute finality which figure is the better. As is, I’m leaning towards this over the original MMC Feralcons, if only for the price and size of the combined toy. .


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