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Transformers Robots in Disguise(Car Robots in Japan).

This is the line that got me interested in Transformers toys all over again after G1 ended.

This series gave us a lot of great new things in TF, first is the more complex transformations of the TFs into their car modes, the crack team of Japanese toy engineers behind this evolution would later be the ones who spearhead the designs for BinalTech TF toys. Second, it gave us the first “Evil Prime”/ Black Convoy/ Nemesis Prime character. Third, it gave us an awesome Prime combiner toy, forth, it gave us a “reissue” Fortress Maximus(repainted and renamed as Brave Maximus)

Build Team


Team Bullet Train

Rail Racer/JRX

Autobot Combiners

Autobot Car Brothers

Supercharged mode

Brave Maximus.. standing at 2 feet tall and weighing almost 3 Kilos, it’s still the BIGGEST and heaviest bot in my collection(well, second only to the Gundam 0083 GP03 Dendrobium..)

Autobots Transform!!(the City map comes with Brave Maximus )

Skidz and Towline

After years of searching for these two, I finally found them!! Transformers-R.I.D. (Robots in Disguise, also known as Car Robots in Japan) Skid-Z (Indy Heat) and Towline(Wreckerhook)


Vehicle mode

Robot mode

I’ve finally completed the Transformers RID series!!!

On a side note, these wre reissued in the Robot Masters line, albeit in a different color pattern and character name.

Optimus Prime

Ultra Magnus + Optimus Prime

Combine into

Omega Prime

Omega Prime with custom God Fire Convoy sword

The “Matrix weapon” from the Transformers “Car Robots/Robots in Disguise” Godfire Convoy/Omega Prime. A few pieces have begun popping up over on Ebay. They seem to be custom works but as far as I can tell they’re pretty close to the original.

Foreword: before attempting to attach the handle I recommend using a blow dryer to soften up the clamps first. See the pic of the clamp? It was originally almost shaped like a letter “A” before I spread it open.

Had I forced the clamp as is right out of the box there was definitely no way I could detach the handle from the crest again without something breaking.

Just blow dry until the plastic is malleable and then have a screw driver handy, once the plastic is nice and flexable, attach it to the handle part of the screwdriver to widen the clamp. Pour cold water on it and let it stay attached to the screw driver handle for a few days to fix it in place.

The connection goes in a lot smoother now but you’ll still need a screwdriver to pick the clamps off when you disassemble the sword to put it back in the box. 🙂

With Omega Prime/Godfire Convoy

It comes with an optional handle for Fortress Maximus.

Originally, the only way to get the sword was to buy the Japan TRU exclusive boxset.


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