Transformers SDCC 2016 Titans Return Fortress Maximus

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Transformers SDCC 2016 Titans Return Fortress Maximus

The box is big and heavy!! Roughly weighs 5.5 Kilos and spans roughly 19 x25 x 8.5 Inches.

Inner Box

Inner most box


A poster is included.

The poster is roughly 11” x 17”

Fort Max is huge! Weighs 2837 Grams and stands 23” tall.

He totally towers over Leader Class figures!

Robot mode

It’s a shame they didn’t include a proper ankle joint here, he just looks awkward in some action poses.

Master Sword

Fortress Maximus has light up eyes and various sound effects for electronic gimmicks. As a secret bonus, holding down the activation button for longer than 5 seconds will play the Transformers theme song. This bonus feature is not present in the mass retail release of Titans Return Fortress Maximus.

Personally though, I think I still prefer the sound effects on Metroplex.

Leg cannons

Mini cannons on the left leg

The Autobot’s greatest weapon, Fortress Maximus!

I’m in the middle of moving houses, so I didn’t have the time to break out Metroplex for a comparison shot. I’ll probably try to do one later on when things have settled down.


Requires 2 AAA batteries.

The tip of the Master Sword separates and becomes a smaller Master Sword for Cerebros.

Cerebros weighs 140 Grams.

The color scheme is a bit off though. It doesn’t follow either the Japanese or the American versions of the character, nor does it follow the vintage Marvel Comics runs either.

The electronics for Cerebros are activated by pressing down on his head.

Cerebros is a bit taller than your garden variety Deluxe Transformer.

Cerebros in “City Mode”.

Titan Master Emissary

Battle station mode

I guess I’m not used to seeing Cerebros as the center tower of this mode. A very different take from the G1 toy.

At least this somewhat faithfully recreates the carrier scene from the episode of Master Force, as far as scale goes.

Fort Max shares the same leg mold as Metroplex, so that means his legs can also open up, but unfortunately, they can’t fold out properly here, as they’re fixed in the reversed position, so this gimmick is useless on Fortress Maximus.

City mode

Gotta love the fact that the Titan Masters look right at home in this entrance port.


Yeah I’m not really sure why Fort Max can do this, I guess it’s mainly due to the Metroplex design mold being reused here.

Access ramp connections to other “Base modes”. I think this works primarily for Blaster. I don’t see a way to connect this to Optimus Prime.

Funfact: You can actually remove the leg mini turret from Fortress Maximus and combine it with the city mode turret, transforming it into a mini-tank for Emissary to ride around in.

I saw this concept for the city mode online, seems like a better “Fortress” than Hasbro’s default design IMHO.


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