Transformers Shattered Glass Voyager Megatron

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Transformers Shattered Glass Voyager Megatron

Funky colors backdrop

I dig the colors on the manual though.

In an alternate mirror universe, the heroic Decepticons fight the evil Autobots. Noble Megatron leads his band of freedom fighters to free Cybertron from the tyrannical Grip of the evil Optimus Prime

Shattered Glass Megatron is a redeco of the Siege figure with added accessories to transform him into a Cybertronian Jet.

I gotta say, I REALLY like the colors on this guy. A nice change of pace from the usual gray and black.

Even the Fusion Cannon has added deco on it, very, very nice.

In the IDW Shattered Glass timeline (the original comics run was by Fun Publications), Megatron and his Decepticons eventually lost the battle for Earth and subsequently, Optimus Prime went onto conquer all of Cybertron thanks to the Energon they acquired. With Megatron eventually regrouping his army years later and starting conflict yet again to free Cybertron from Optimus Prime and his warlord Autobots.

As it’s a retool of Siege Megatron, it comes with his sword weapon.

New to the set is this shield part, which functions as a c0ckpit for the vehicle mode.

Last but not least, the display backdrop. I’m not sure what’s up with the odd color choice. It doesn’t really blend well with Meg’s heroic colors.

While it’s not mentioned in the instructions, you can still recreate Siege Megatron’s tank mode with this figure.

With Shattered Glass Optimus Prime

Overall, I love the colors used on this figure a lot! It really works well and it makes Megatron look a lot better, especially when compared to Shattered Glass Optimus, which is all purple. The best-looking Shattered Glass figure in the line IMHO.

Admittedly though, while it is cool to see sides flipped, it just gets tiresome to see even more redecos from Hasbro. I just got SG Prime and Megatron to round out my Prime and Megatron collection. The reuse of the Siege mold isn’t too shabby here, but I do wish they used an entirely different body mold instead, since his jet mode just seems too forced and inferior to the design used in the original Fun Pub version (which used the really cool Transformers Energon Megatron figure as its template).


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