Transformers Siege Battle Masters Wave 2

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Transformers Siege Battle Masters Wave 2



Pteraxadon seems to be a new character, not based on any of the existing Transformers characters?

“Binary Edgewing Scythe” mode.

Impact effect part is included.

He can also be used as a blaster weapon.


Aimless is known for not concentrating on aiming for his target when in weapon mode. This is made worse by the fact that he is partnered with Misfire, making them a dangerous duo to both friend and foe on the battlefield.

Unlike his Takara counterpart, the Hasbro version does not have any knee joints or neck joint in robot mode.

His barrel backpack can be removed and reposted on his forearm to give him his own weapon.

“Manifold Ion Particle Blaster” mode

With Titans Return Misfire

Target on!

Unfortunately, unlike the Takara version, Hasbro Misfire does not have a hole for the cannon mode to connect to in vehicle mode.


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