Transformers Siege Commander Class Jetfire

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Transformers Siege Commander Class Jetfire

The first Transformer toy to be ever given the title “Commander Class”, Jetfire is based on his G1 appearance (finally!) with an impressive height to match (he was originally the tallest Autobot prior to Omega Supreme being introduced in the cartoons). Thankfully, he also features zero (!!) weathering paint on his toy, unlike most of the other Siege figures.

In the cartoons, Jetfire was often seen as a scientist and an explorer and not really interested in actually joining combat.

He stands roughly 1 foot tall (including backpack height) and weighs 664 Grams and 754 Grams, without and with armor parts respectively. Quite impressive.

The toy features an interesting design for holding his weapons, the ports for gripping the weapons retracts inwards when you open his hands.

Ankle tilt is there, but requires some force to pop the joint free the first time.

Another cool feature of the toy is how you can flip his symbol to reflect which side he’s fighting on. In the cartoons, after being discovered by the Decepticons, Jetfire joined the Decepticons at first, due to his old friendship with Starscream, he later decides to join the Autobots after seeing the cruelty of the Decepticons. In the Marvel Comics continuity, he was originally made by Shockwave on Earth to be one of his soldiers but later gained sentience and joined the Autobots.

Jet mode

In jet mode, Jetfire spans roughly 14 inches in length.

His jet mode features foldable handles, where Transformers can grab onto him for transport in vehicle mode. The red handles are a bit tricky to fold out unless you use a tool on them.

The “computer box” in the c0ckpit can be removed and Titan Masters can be placed in to serve as “pilots”.

Likewise, there are two extra seats for Titan Masters in the backpack.

6 pieces “fire blast” effects parts

Effects parts can connect to various hard points on the figure.

Likewise, the effects parts can be combined to form two sets of booster effects for the alt mode.

JF-25 HS Photon Missile Sky Launchers

Launchers can be wielded individually or combined.

HS Photon Missiles

JF-15 HP Jetboost Particle Beam Cannon

The beam cannons are a bit tricky to equip on the backpack, but this is how they should be facing when plugged in (use the fin not the 5mm peg side to attach to the backpack).

SF-M2 Radiograph Boosters

Skyshield Aerial Armor and Skyshield Battle Mask (mask is stored inside the armor).

Jetfire fully equipped.

Designed as homage to the toy’s G1 origins (red stripes on the chest plate), this look also somewhat resembles the look of the character in the Dreamwave comics continuity.

Fire blast effects in full burst!

Since Jetfire was “lost” before the Cybertronian Great War happened, I wonder if he would’ve tipped the scales of the war if he joined either side.

His weapons can all be combined into one piece and be attached onto the top of the jet mode.

Air Guardian indeed.

With his best bud (and fellow scientist??), Starscream. I guess Starscream was probably a nice guy at one point back in the day?

With his fellow Autobots

I really love the scaling, I hope they make the other G1 guys like Jazz in this line so we can add more to this group.


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