Transformers Siege Deluxe Class Ratchet

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Transformers Siege Deluxe Class Ratchet

The Autobot’s chief medical officer. Ratchet is often regarded as indispensible to the Autobot cause. The figure is a retool of Siege Ironhide and was released as a Walgreens exclusive.

RT-15 laser cannon/ robotic arm

RT-5 Magno-Wrench

RT-5 Laser Scalpel

RT-15 robotic arm + RT-5 Magno-wrench = RT-15 Protraction Magno-Hoist

While not mentioned in the manual, based on the way the parts are assembled in package, I’m guessing this serves as a rifle of sorts?

Weapons can be mounted on the vehicle mode.

Vehicle repair bay mode. (Boy, this is going to look awkward with female Autobots loaded).

I really love this figure more than the Ironhide and Crosshairs use of the mold. I guess it must be all the “proper” accessories included for the character?


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