Transformers Siege Deluxe Class Spinster

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Transformers Siege Deluxe Class Spinster

Spinster rarely talks, and likes to go off on his own. His story is a mystery even to his fellow Decepticons. The character gained popularity during the IDW comics’ Transformers run.

Spinster comes with two weapons meant to be his Targetmasters. The NFM Dual-Fusion Cannon and the Spin-Blast Particle Beam Cannon.

As an homage to his G1 toy, both cannons can be combined to form a single weapon.

Both weapons can be equipped in vehicle mode.

To truly “complete” Spinster, you need to get Singe from Siege Battle Masters wave 4 (the wave with Rung) and Shrute/Hairsplitter from the Amazon Exclusive Phantomstrike 4 pack that came with Skywarp.

Singe (on Spinsters’ left) converts to a dual flamethrower and Hairsplitter turns into a twin lock-target laser rifle.

Lock and load!

In the IDW Comics, Spinster is a part of the “Scavengers” group, consisting of Krok, Triggercon Crankcase, Flywheels, Misfire and Fulcrum, they have several wacky adventures in space and despite all odds, always somehow manage to survive whatever the universe throws at them (except for Flywheels).


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