Transformers Siege Leader Class Astrotrain

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Transformers Siege Leader Class Astrotrain

After the recent Titans Returns Astrotrain release, I was surprised they’re releasing this guy again so soon. The good news is that he is VERY show accurate. They finally got his cartoon look right across all three modes. The downside is that he’s quite short. The new mold basically cuts him down to almost Deluxe Class size.

Astrotrain comes with a plethora of weapons!!
JF-50 Ionic Displacer Blasters

JF-30 Astro Blaster

W-15 Destabilizer Cannon

W-40 Turbo-Core Derailer

All his weapons combine to form the Omni-Force Orbital Cannon

The Leader Class price point is supposedly due to the accessories included, the biggest of which is this “Cybertronian Coal-Car”.

Weapons can be stored inside the coal car.

The flaps on the car can be removed and repositioned as “slippers” for Astrotrain to use, they don’t really do much though, other than make him more stable for when the rest of the car is attached to his back.

lol… platform shoes.

The car becomes a backpack of sorts. It plugs into the shuttle thrusters on Astrotrain’s back.

Shuttle mode

Weapons can be attached all over the shuttle mode.

The coal-car can be unfolded to form a crawler platform for “transporting” the shuttle. Do note that due to certain issues with the design, the platform cannot fold out flush on surfaces, it’s slightly bent upwards.

The setup can also be modified into a launch platform as well.

The shuttle is firmly plugged into the base via the thruster ports.

Locomotive mode

The coal-car can be attached to the same ports in the back.

Likewise, the various guns can be mounted on the locomotive.

Comparison with Siege Megatron.

Overall, I’m really happy Astrotrain is show accurate in terms of looks. I just really wish he was taller. Considering he can pretty much carry all the Decepticons inside him when he’s in shuttle or train mode, he should at least be taller than Megatron methinks…


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