Transformers Siege Leader Class Galaxy Upgrade Optimus Prime

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Transformers Siege Leader Class Galaxy Upgrade Optimus Prime

Based on the Transformers Cybertron (Transformers Galaxy) cartoon designs for Optimus Prime, with some elements of G1 Prime mixed in, this “core” unit of Prime is used as the model for the ongoing 2019 IDW Transformers comics which takes place on Pre-War Cybertron.

Uhm… Prime seems a bit on the chubby side.

“Dad-bod” Prime?

JF-50 Twinblast Galaxy Pack armor pieces

With the armor equipped, he resembles his Transformers Cybertron counterpart almost perfectly.

The original Cybertron/ Galaxy toy is still much taller though and that one also featured electronic lights and sounds. But this is still a nice take on that model. I wonder if we will see this armor in the IDW comics later on?

His alt mode resembles a Cybertronian Fire Truck.

Battle ready!

W-30 Magnetic Inducer Launchers

These guns are identical to those that came with Siege Ultra Magnus.

Prime can also wield the launchers in non-combined form.

JF-15 Gravity Force Laser

The end of the Gravity Force Laser can be removed and equipped on armor-less Prime.


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