Transformers Siege Leader Class Shockwave

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Transformers Siege Leader Class Shockwave

Cold and calculating, the Decepticon Military Commander Shockwave shows no emotion and only follows logic. In the G1 cartoons he was fiercely loyal to Megatron, serving as the Guardian of Cybertron after the Majority of Decepticons followed Prime to Earth. In the Marvel Comics continuity, Shockwave was at odds with Megatron and often clashed with the latter for control of the Decepticons.

Shockwave this time comes with a removable armor system that can become a hovercraft platform.

LV-1 Thermal Range Neutron Beam

LV Duo-Pulse Radiographs serve as platform boots.

LV Gamma-Disruptor Launchers

Hovercraft platform

When they first announced that they were making a Leader Class Shockwave figure, I was really excited, since I was hoping it would pair with the previous Leader Class Decepticons we’ve been getting since Combiner Wars. It turns out it’s actually just a Voyager figure with added parts. Sigh… Still, it’s a pretty awesome shockwave figure.

Care should be used when plugging/ unplugging the cord for the cannon, it’s been known to easily tear supposedly.

Shockwave’s vehicle mode is a spaceship that resembles an upside-down laser gun.

Even with the armor on, he’s not really tall enough to be a “Leader Class” figure IMHo.

The Decepticon high command (despite their being all Voyager Class, Megatron is the tallest)


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