Transformers Siege Micromaster 10-pack

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Transformers Siege Micromaster 10-pack

WFC-S58 Road-Police & Wheel Blaze
WFC-S59 Ground Shaker & Overair
WFC-S60 Ricon & Irontread
WFC-S61 Nightflight & Slyhopper
WFC-S62 Cratermaker & Fireline

Road-Police (Turbo Team)

Leader of the Turbo team (which combines to form Six Turbo) in the G1 toyline, this figure is a redeco of Micromaster Stakeout.

Wheel Blaze (Metro Squad)

A redeco of Red-Heat, this Micromaster was originally a member of the Metro Squad 6-pack in the G1 toyline.

Powershot Plasma Cannon

Ground Shaker

A redeco of Visper, Ground Shaker was originally the “driver” of one of the Micromaster base vehicles in the original toyline.


A redeco of Storm Cloud, Overair came packaged with his airport base in the vintage toyline.

Ultra-Sonic Shredder Blade


A retool of Highjump, this Autobot is an original character created for this set, he is not based on any previously released Transformer. His name is supposedly derived from “RI Construction” (Rhode Island?).


A redeco of Powertrain, he was previously known as Ironworks and came with a construction base in the G1 toyline.

Dual-Port Scrapegrinder


Yet ANOTHER redeco of Visper (really Hasbro? Two in the same box?), Nightflight hails from the Decepticon Air Strike Patrol, making 3 out of 4 members complete in the team.


Originally named Skyhopper in the G1 line, this figure is a redeco of Storm Cloud. The original toy came with a Decepticon Micromaster base.

Dual-Edged Soundbreaker Sword


A redeco of Flak, his colors are based on the G1 Autobot Micromaster Powerbomb.


A redeco of Siege Topshot, with his colors based on the Autobot Micromaster Gunlift from the original G1 Zone toyline.

Gravatronic Rubblemaker Cannon

The Full Pack

Overall, really redundant but it is what it is, just like how the original Micromasters were done in the G1 line, lots of reused molds and redecos. What I would really love though is to have completed 4-bot teams, instead of the half-baked 2-pack sets we’re getting from Hasbro right now. When this set was first announced I was really hoping it would have the missing team members. Sigh..


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