Transformers Siege Netflix Hotlink

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Transformers Siege Netflix Hotlink

First seen in the original G1 cartoons as the Decepticon Seeker with the flamethrower in the opening minutes of the pilot episode, Hotlink wouldn’t be seen again until the recent “War for Cybertron: Siege” cartoon. The figure is an exclusive to Walmart stores in the US.

HPI Null-Ray Laser Launchers

Sigh… unfortunately, the Null-rays on my unit are crazy loose. I think they’re worse than what I got with the previous releases of this same mold. They practically fall off without effort this time. Mold degradation?

Luckily, there are alternate 5mm ports on his forearms.

Targetmaster Heatstroke

Heatstroke (the one with the red visor) and Heartburn are one and the same mold as Blowpipe. lol… Hasbro is getting lazy…

In homage to the G1 cartoon Hotlink, the alt modes for these two are officially meant to be “flamethrowers”.

Target On!

They come with blast effects.

Tetrajet mode.

Unfortunately, there’s nowhere to plug the Targetmasters for the Tetrajet mode.

While Hotlink does appear in the WFC: Siege cartoon, he doesn’t really have a stand-out moment, except for his… misencounter with Jetfire (he’s the guy who Jetfire sliced up in the air battle).


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