Transformers Siege Netflix Megatron

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Transformers Siege Netflix Megatron

The powerful tyrannical Leader of the Decepticons, Megatron has no known weaknesses. Once a humble warrior in the gladiator pits, Megatron gained popularity in combat and now he dreams of peace through conquest.

This figure is a simple redeco of the mass retail version, but, oh, man, does it look way better! I’m not sure if you can remove the faux scratches on his chest but he looks soooo much nicer than the mass retail version thanks to the more “gunmetal” deco and lack of random paint smudges. This thing is going to be my default Siege Megatron going forward.

Megatron still comes with his G1-esque sword, which forms the barrel of his tank in alt mode.

“I will crush all who oppose me!”

Cybertronian tank mode

Targetmaster Pinpointer

A Targetmaster that was originally paired with Crosshairs. However, In this instance, Pinpointer is supposedly a captive and forced to work as a Targetmaster for Megatron.

Note that the figure does not feature a rotating head.

Comparison with the Japanese Takara version of Pinpointer that came with Legends series Wingblade. The Takara version is a different mold altogether and sports articulated knees and his head rotates along with his waist.

Yeah… The Takara wins it with all the extra joints and more show-accurate gun mode.

lol… a gun firing a gun.

With his true “binary-bonded” partner, Crosshairs.

Target On!

Battle Master Lionizer

Much like Pinpointer, Lionizer is also a captive and forced to work under Megatron, although we never actually see this (or any of the Target/ Battle Masters) in the “War for Cybertron: Siege” cartoon.

Like the regular version, Lionizer comes with slashing effects parts.

Comparison with the mass retail version Megatron. Note the how the lack of “battle damage” paint really goes a long way with this figure… sigh..

Even his fusion cannon has some spare paint up top.


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