Transformers Siege Rainmakers 3 pack

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Transformers Siege Rainmakers 3 pack

Acid Storm

One of the more prominent “background character” Seekers, Acid Storm only appeared in one episode of the G1 Cartoons (Divide and Conquer). He eventually gained more popularity in the fandom and had a bigger role in the IDW comics and even got his own Masterpiece figure.

RM Storm-Range Null-Ray Laser Launchers

Ion Storm

It is said that among the three Rainmakers, Ion storm is the one that possesses the ability to generate electromagnetic pulses. He, along with fellow Rainmakers, were never given speaking lines in the G1 cartoons.

Nova Storm

Often mistaken as the Decepticon Sunstorm (due to their colors being both yellow), Nova Storm was eventually set as a separate character. More surprisingly, the character identifies as female. As a member of the Rainmakers team, she is the only member that has armor that can withstand extremely high temperatures.

The Rainmakers, Shockwave’s deadliest operatives on Cybertron.

I’ll take a proper Seekers group shot once I have the Siege Hotlink gallery up.


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