Transformers Siege Refraktor Reconnaissance 3-pack

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Transformers Siege Refraktor Reconnaissance 3-pack

The box packaging bubble is … unique.

The set comes packaged in camera mode.


Kremzeek’s tail helps hold the little guy up.

The camera features a little peg to plug Kremzeek into.


Supposedly the least independent of the trio, Spectro is the least smartest of the group and is quick to pass blame onto others.

For an add-on unique to this set, he comes with the Shutter Armor.

Shutter Blaster

Artillery hovercraft mode


Viewfinder lives to Blackmail, using whatever knowledge of his targets he can seek out, he uses the information to advance the Decepticon cause.

He comes with unique parts for this set, namely his new “G1-esque” shoulder pads.

All three come with their respective Telefocal Shields and Shutter Blasters.

Artillery hovercraft mode


Always aims to please the team’s leader, Viewfinder, Spyglass is always on board with whatever plan their boss comes up with.

He comes with “Flash Launcher” flash cube.

Telefocal shield and Shutter Blaster

I know it’s a part of their transformation, but it’s kinda cool they can do this in robot mode.

Artillery hovercraft mode

With the original Refraktor.

The whole team

Overall, a very good set. I liked the G1-toy throwbacks. I’ll probably add these to the roster as unique characters when I ever get my CHUGS up to display (one day!). The price for this when it first came out was a bit crazy, I’m really glad I waited for it to go on sale before jumping on it. Even better, these color schemes were actually included in the Netflix Transformers Earthrise series (as background characters).


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