Transformers Siege Soundblaster

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Transformers Siege Soundblaster

When this figure first came out, I didn’t really pay it any mind, as it was just another silly repaint in a sea of silly repaints … Welllll… the Siege animated series quickly changed all that and showed that Soundblaster in the Siege continuity is actually a separate character from Soundwave and a failed clone created by Shockwave. He’s shown to be a mercenary dealing in energon, buying and selling it to anyone on Cybertron, Decepticon or Autobot, running the whole operation like mob boss. A very interesting take on this character.

Same as Soundwave, his left hand features an extended index finger, so he can “push down” on his eject button.

Similar to the G1 Soundblaster toy, he has a thicker chest casing, so he can now hold two “drone armors”/ tapes inside his chest cavity.

I really love the light piping effect of his eyes.

The figure still comes with the exact same gear as Siege Soundwave.

M2 HI-KEP Concussion Blaster

M2 LR-HD Sonic Cannon

M2 EMTX Blitz Charge Blaster

An homage to G1 Megatron’s gun mode?

Everything combines to form the M2 USW HF Sonic Compression Mega-Blaster.

Cybertronian Sensor Lamp mode

Since he shares the same mold as Soundwave, it only seems fitting to try this mode as well. Although it’s not indicated on his packaging unlike with Soundwave.

Patrol Hovercraft mode

The can be mounted on the side of the Hovercraft.

Comparison with Siege Soundwave

Overall, I guess seeing as how he’s now a separate character from Soundwave, I guess folks looking to complete the lineup based on characters are going to go for him now. Luckily, Takara will be releasing this guy again, with a show-accurate “mercenaries” symbol now on his chest and a slightly cleaner paint app.


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