Transformers Siege Voyager Class Apeface

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Transformers Siege Voyager Class Apeface

Loud and obnoxious, Apeface is one of the only two Triple Changer Headmasters, the other being Snapdragon. Despite having the ability to change into three different modes, Apeface is never really shown to have much character development, he was more often than not relegated to a background character or “just another Decepticon” in the cartoons and comics.

SA Sonic Boom Blaster

EM Electro Shield

The EM Electro Shield’s peg is clear plastic, so be careful that it doesn’t break when attaching it to hardpoints.

Head Off!

Titan Master Spasma

Spasma is a nervous, insecure wreck of a Nebulan. Being binary bonded to the powerful Apeface gave him some comfort but supposedly he still tends to have nervous breakdowns in the middle of battle.

Due to the heavy backpack, it’s hard to pose Spasma standing compared to other Titan Masters. You would have to either lean him on something or have him bent a bit forward to counterbalance the heavy backpack.

Beast Mode

Standing him upright makes him look a bit out of sorts. I think it’s best to pose him in beast mode as a quadruped.

Fighter Mode

Spasma rides in the c0ckpit in the back.

Alternately, it’s said that you can place Spasma folded up into the gorilla head and slot him into the front c0ckpit, but I found it a bit of a tight squeeze. Better not force it.

I think the new face here is more cartoon accurate compared to the previous versions?

Titans Return Titan Masters Wave 2 Apeface

Takara Legends Apeface from the Laserbeak pack

Another character crossed off the “G1 lineup” list. Snapdragon has been rumored to be in the pipeline as well. I think it’s great Hasbro is still giving fans updated versions of old G1 characters that haven’t gotten their moment yet. Hopefully at some point we’ll get everyone in down the road.


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