Transformers Siege Voyager Class Optimus Prime

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Transformers Siege Voyager Class Optimus Prime

Well, here we are again, another take on the heroic leader of the Autobots. Siege takes place on Cybertron, before the war spread to the Earth. Hence Cybertronian vehicle modes are the main themes for the line. With heavy amounts of weathering splashed in to show years of war take their toll on the characters.

When Prime was first announced as a Voyager Class, there was some speculation that he would be smaller than the usual garden variety Voyager as a result of the line adjusting in scale. As is, he stands 7 inches tall. Not too bad, I think.

Prime features ankle tilt. Cool.

I really wish they didn’t do the whole heavy weathering thing. It just seems so … fugly..

Sadly, he does NOT come with the Autobot Matrix of Leadership for some reason.

Hip wheels and heavy weathering paint aside, I think this may be the best G1 looking prime in robot mode in terms of sculpt so far. The head looks great and I love the poseability of the figure. The ankle tilts are the best part of this I think.

Optimus comes with his trusty W-M3 RF Ion Blaster.

His other weapon is the W-50 Dual-Mech Energon Strikeshield.

When not deployed, the Strikeshield can be placed on top of the Ion Blaster.

…or mounted on Prime’s forearms to be used as a shield.

Both weapons can be attached in vehicle form.

As long as power flows through any of my circuits Megatron, I’ll fight you!


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