Transformers Siege Voyager Class Soundwave

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Transformers Siege Voyager Class Soundwave

The Decepticon Communications officer and Megatron’s right-hand man is back! Soundwave this time is a Voyager Class figure, along with Megatron and Starscream.

Soundwave also features a molded out left index finger to pose him pressing on his “eject” button.

HI-KEP shoulder-mounted Concussion Blaster

LR-HD Sonic Cannon

EMTX Blitz Charge Blaster

This weapon can supposedly be plugged into Megatron’s back to complete Megatron’s G1 look.

It’s kinda hard to make out though, since the backpack gets in the way. Oh well…
(Edited, thanks to Vili Kauppi for the correction on how to properly place the Charge Blaster)

All of his weapons combine to form “USW HF Sonic Compression Mega-Blaster”

Patrol Hovercraft mode

As an Easter Egg, they included an image on the bottom of the flap of Soundwave’s box for the Cybertronian Sensor Lamp mode. The side of his box also shows this mode when shown with a black light.

Cybertronian Sensor Lamp mode

Cassette deck fan mode (requires entirely removing his arms).

With his “cassette” Micromaster pals, Laserbeak and Ravage.


V1 (Laserbeak) and V2 (Ravage) Sonicsurge Drone Armor modes


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