Transformers Siege Voyager Class Springer

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Transformers Siege Voyager Class Springer

Springer is probably the most popular of the Autobot Triple Changers by far, thanks to his appearance in the 1986 movie. It took Hasbro/ Takara a good 35 years but it seems we finally get a great “show accurate” version of this beloved character.

I really love this figure! They could easily upscale this and turn it into a Masterpiece really. It captures the look of the cartoon model so well.

W-10 Airslice Chopper Blades

JF-10 Warp Blaster (right hand) and C-10 EM Void Blast Capacitor (left hand).

Both guns combine to form a bigger rifle.

Weapons can be mounted on his backpack.

D.E.W. Mega Missile Launcher- Combining all his gear together gets us this weapon. So cool.

It takes some doing to transform him, but you’re supposed to jam the front of the hood all the way in.

D.E.W. Mega Missile Launcher can be mounted on the top of the car mode.

With his fellow Triple Changers. One down side is that since Siege follows a smaller scale, the older guys seem a bit too tall now. It’s not a huge difference but I do wish they had a uniformed height though.

With the rest of the 1986 movie cast. I thought about adding Perceptor and Wreckgar (POTP), but it was getting late. Perhaps I’ll try this group shot again down the road.

I really hope they make a better Arcee down the road. The Legends version’s legs have such an awkward stance.

I tried adding Blaster in the shot, yikes, the scale is way off. I guess they should make a Blaster now to go with this scale too.


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