Transformers Siege Voyager Class Thundercracker

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Transformers Siege Voyager Class Thundercracker

One of the original 3 main Seekers in the G1 cartoon, Thundercracker never really stood out the way Starscream and Skywarp did (for me anyways), he didn’t seem to have any special abilities (could generate loud sonic booms but was never really shown to be used in the cartoons) and was generally just another warrior on the battlefield.

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Thundercracker’s character was given more depth in the IDW comics run, showing he was never fully invested in the Decepticon cause, he chooses to work with humans, dreams of becoming a screenplay writer and even adopting a pet dog named Buster.

He shares the same head sculpt as Generations Select Red Wing (hence the same smirk). I really think this head should be on Starscream instead. Thundercracker never really seems crafty enough to do a smirk on the show.


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