Transformers Studio Series 86 – 03 Deluxe Class Blurr

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Transformers Studio Series 86 – 03 Deluxe Class Blurr

Fastest of the Autobots, even in robot mode, Blurr even talks fast! Appropriately functions as a data courier for the Autobots. His impressive speed makes sure important intel arrives as quick as it can to the Autobot high command.

Hmm, interestingly, while half of his head is clear plastic, the light piping effect somehow doesn’t come through? What gives?

Blurr comes with his “Electro-Laser” rifle.

Blurr also comes with his welding torch.

With the “Battle of Autobot City” backdrop.

Interestingly, Blurr does not have wheels for his alt mode, so you can’t roll him on surfaces.

The welder piece and rifle can be mounted under his vehicle mode.

Overall, pretty good. I do wish the alt mode had wheels or something so it can roll, but the overall engineering design and execution is almost Masterpiece level. I wonder..


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