Transformers Studio Series 86 – 05 Voyager Class Scourge

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Transformers Studio Series 86 – 05 Voyager Class Scourge

The leader of Galvatron’s huntsmen, the Sweeps, Scourge is a tracker without equal, with his various sensors, he can hunt down and eradicate any unfortunate Autobot.

Scourge comes with his Laser Blaster.

Effects parts for the Laser Blaster are included with the set.

His head-mounted Disintegrator Ray can also be attached with the effects parts.

Heralds of Unicron diorama.

With War for Cybertron: Kingdom Voyager Class Cyclonus.

The scale is about on par, as Scourge was always the shortest among Galvatron and Cyclonus based on the animation scale guides.

Laser Blaster can be mounted on the alt mode.

Just like in the movie, you can drop down the face cover of his alt mode to reveal his robot face so he can talk to Galvatron.

Overall, the most accurate Scourge figure yet! This release totally renders all previous versions obsolete. It’s a pity we didn’t get this guy sooner. I actually plan to get more of this version and use them as Sweeps, as the upcoming Sweeps release features a lighter shade of blue that I’m not too keen on.


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