Transformers Studio Series 86 – 06 Leader Class Grimlock

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Transformers Studio Series 86 – 06 Leader Class Grimlock

Arrogant, thick-headed, yet brave and courageous, the commander of the Dinobots is one of the strongest Autobots around, almost on par with Optimus Prime. Simple-minded and short-tempered like the rest of the Dinobots, he has trouble dealing with authority.

Standing at 8.5 inches, Grimlock is really big!

For some reason, Hasbro decided to make his clear chest piece dark? I know it’s an homage to the original toy, but I don’t think it was this dark?? Good thing the piece is easily removed by removing two screws on the back of the chest.

Muuuuch better.

Galaxial Rocket Launcher


Ugh.. this guy.. the only really annoying part of the 1986 movie, he made groan every time he was onscreen for Seasons 3 and 4 of the series too. One of the worst characters ever included in the original cartoons.

Thanks to a hole on Grimlock’s shoulders, captain annoying can be posted up on him.

Grimlock’s tail isn’t quite proportional, but it’s somewhat acceptable.

The inside of his mouth has a post, I guess for attaching blast effects parts?

The Galaxial Rocket Launcher can be mounted on the back of the dino mode.

With Earthrise Optimus Prime.

I wasn’t expecting the dino mode to be small.

Thanks to a peg hole on Grimlock’s dino neck, you can mount the “greatest Autobot evah” on him in dino mode too. Yay….

“Mockery of Justice” diorama.

Overall, dang if this isn’t the best modern G1 Grimlock figure outside of the Masterpiece line! Simply a must have. I hope the other Dinobots are just as big and screen accurate when they roll them out (eventually).


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