Transformers Studio Series 86 – 08 Deluxe Class Gnaw

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Transformers Studio Series 86 – 08 Deluxe Class Gnaw

Once a part of the nameless hoard of Sharkticons unleashed by the Quintessons on Cybertron, Gnaw becomes abandoned and picked up by Wheelie in the IDW Regeneration One comics (which is a continuation of the original Marvel Comics run). The two share a unique bond and Gnaw follows the little Autobot loyally into battle.

Since all Sharkticons look alike, you can opt to army build Gnaw.

Due to the design of the figure, there’s no waist swivel, unfortunately.

He comes with his “Maceration Laser”.

Gnaw also comes with his tail mace and fin sword.

We never really see Sharkticons use the fin sword though. Hmm..

“Mockery of Justice” backdrop.

Maceration Laser can be mounted on the beast mode.

Overall, it’s a huge improvement over the previous Titans Return version, it captures the look of the Sharkticons from the 1986 movie and series almost perfectly. So, I guess I’ll have to track more of this guy down to get a group of them together. Thankfully, they’re still available over at BBTS so that’s a good sign.


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