Transformers Studio Series 86 – 11 Perceptor

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Transformers Studio Series 86 – 11 Perceptor

The Autobot’s chief scientist, Perceptor is the smartest Autobot around. An expert of various scientific fields, from metallurgy to electrical engineering, this Autobot is a “jack-of- all-trades” when it comes to science.

Gaaah! That huge back cavity is a horrible site to see. C’mon, Hasbro…

Perceptor’s chest panel can flip down in robot mode to act as a diagnostic screen on occasion.

When in robot mode, Perceptor can actually use his shoulder-mounted microscope as a powerful light cannon.

Too bad the scope doesn’t move or feature a rotating dial.

Perceptor comes with his Concussion Rifle.

Concussion Rifle can be pegged onto the side of the microscope mode for storage.

Mortar Cannon mode.

Same as with the microscope mode, the Concussion Rifle can be pegged onto the side.

With the “Attack on Autobot City” backdrop.

Overall, I am so glad we finally got a proper G1 Perceptor (again). While the previous “Titan Masters” series one was fairly good, this one just blows it out of the water in terms of cartoon accuracy. He’s also much taller than all of the previous “modern era” releases of this character.


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