Transformers Studio Series 86-14 Voyager Class Junkheap

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Transformers Studio Series 86-14 Voyager Class Junkheap

Remember to check the back of the tray for the wheel parts.

“Junkion Dance Party” backdrop.

Junkheap (originally named Junkyard) is one of Wreck-gar’s Junkions. While usually relegated to a background character in most scenes, Junkheap is probably the second-most identifiable Junkion after his leader.

The figure is a heavy retool of Studio Series 86 Voyager Class Wreck-gar.

Remember to push the tires all the way into the pegs to lock them into place, otherwise, they’ll keep sliding off.

Thanks to the transformation design of the figure, there’s an ab crunch joint present.

“Four-Bladed Axe” weapon can be stowed onto the figure’s back.

The axe can be pegged onto the back of the alt mode.

With the Junkion Dance Party backdrop.

With his Junkion “chief”, Wreck-gar.

While Wreck-gar can technically ride Junkheap (and vice versa), the scales are too similar to each other to be proportional. A better fit would be a Deluxe Class figure on either bike.

It just looks like he’s riding a kid’s scooter.


Overall, a pretty good figure. Hasbro finally did Wreck-gar right and I am glad to see that they’re making more Junkions out of that particular mold. I really hope Hasbro continues making the other Junkions so we can have a proper sub group together.


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