Transformers Studio Series 86-15 Leader Class Sludge

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Transformers Studio Series 86-15 Leader Class Sludge

Remember to check the back of the tray for the blaster accessory.

Mockery of Justice backdrop.

Slow and stupid, Sludge is easily the dumbest (yet gentlest) of the Dinobots. Loyally following Grimlock’s orders in battle is the only way this demolitions “expert” gets anything done. Powerful due to his shear mass in beast mode, Sludge is practically unstoppable when charging in combat. Like the other Dinobots, Sludge is not a fan of Optimus Prime’s leadership style and would prefer to follow Grimlock’s lead.

Sludge is pretty tall, standing roughly 8.5 inches in height.

His only accessory is his huge blaster weapon.

Mockery of Justice backdrop.

Sludge’s dino mode’s head actually features impressive articulation, from the opening jaw, to the rotating neck and moving hinge joint for the head.

Sludge’s blaster can be pegged into his feet on his underbelly in dino mode.

Overall, very impressive. So far all of the Studio Series 86 Dinobots have been pretty good, they can even pass for Masterpiece level of engineering if given some proper tweaks and some added size. I really hope Snarl and Swoop finally get released soon so we can at long last get proper updated modern era sculpts of everyone’s favorite Autobot sub-team.


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