Transformers Studio Series 86 -17 Ironhide

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Transformers Studio Series 86 -17 Ironhide

Do note that Ironhide’s guns are taped to the back of the tray.

Decepticon Shuttle Ambush backdrop

One of the oldest, toughest, battle-tested Autobots around, Ironhide prefers actions to words. Running security for Autobots, this gruff ‘bot is always ready for action.

Definitely the most G1 accurate, non-Masterpiece version of Ironhide we’ve gotten yet. It sort of renders the Earthrise figure obsolete now.

Ironhide comes with his twin lasers (Static Laser Guns?)

The twin Static Laser guns can be pegged onto his back for storage.

They can also be mounted on the back of his legs.

With the Decepticon Shuttle Ambush backdrop.

In the 1986 movie, Ironhide actually only uses one gun, it was Ratchet who was “dual wielding” in the scene at the time.

It really bugs me that there’s a strip of tape across the middle of the backdrop.

Impressively, the new design does the transformation with no partsforming, unlike the Earthrise version, which had to employ a shield to cover up the top in van mode.

The hinges on the side of the van do still stick out a bit.

I love the fact that we don’t see Ironhide’s hollowed out feet anymore on the back of the van. This was one of the biggest issues with the Siege/ Earthrise version

The dual laser pistols can be mounted on top of his van mode.

Alternately, the pistols can be stored underneath the vehicle mode as well, and serve as exhaust pipes.

Overall, I love it! It’s about time we got a perfect Ironhide figure. I just wish we didn’t have to shell out so much cash for the earlier versions (the Amazon Earthrise set was a huge, expensive pain for everyone to get). The new redesign really works well and amazingly, the toy does it without any partsforming!

Now to hope for a Studio Series 86 Ratchet and that it will be a mass retail release as well


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