Transformers Studio Series 86 #19 Snarl

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Transformers Studio Series 86 #19 Snarl

I have to give credit to the Hasbro box design crew, at least they’re still improving the box layout. Adding this piece of cardboard up top reinforces the corner and prevents implosions from mishandling.

To save on space, Snarl’s back panel is packed separately and has to be manually installed on the figure. Do note that taking it apart is more difficult when returning the figure to the box. It’s doable but I don’t recommend repeatedly removing the piece.

Generally an unhappy loner all the time, Snarl is the most unsociable among the Dinobots (and that’s saying something). Preferring to keep to himself, Snarl has no real friends and only finds joy in the heat of battle. Snarl also has a tendency to be very uncooperative, leading to problems when he requires assistance.

Since he’s big like his fellow Dinobots, Snarl stands roughly 8.5 inches tall.

Thanks to the transformation design, Snarl’s elbows can fold pretty well over 90 degrees.

Snarl only comes with his Energo Sword for his weapon. He does not come with his Electron Cannon, sadly.

The Energo sword can be pegged into Snarl’s back when not in use.

According to his bio, Snarl’s “back fins” are actually solar panels that collect energy and increases Snarl’s strength tenfold when he’s in direct sunlight (particularly when he’s in dino mode). He becomes hampered and sluggish during night time, however.

Opening mouth

I can’t say I’m a fan of this visible line on the dino mode’s head. Getting the gap to close was very difficult for some reason and that’s about as far as I could get it to go.

His Energo Sword can be mounted underneath his dino mode.

Alternately, you can also just peg the sword into the dino mode’s hind legs.

Snarl comes with an upsized version of “Battle for Autobot City” diorama.

Overall, another great Dinobot release! While I do wish he came with more than just his Energo Sword, the figure by itself is really, really good. I hope we can get Swoop soon so we can wrap up Grimlock’s demolition crew!


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