Transformers Studio Series 86 Core Class Frenzy

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Transformers Studio Series 86 Core Class Frenzy

Communications Tower backdrop

One of Soundwave’s minions. When deployed, Frenzy is all about causing as much fear, destruction and havoc whenever he can. Craves to destroy without reason, this little Decepticon can generate sonic attacks from special drums in his torso that can greatly affect the electrical systems in his opponents.

The figure is a redeco of Core Class Rumble.

Same as with Rumble, Frenzy stands 2.75” tall.

Sadly, like Rumble, this little guy also doesn’t feature elbow joints.

Like Rumble, he comes with his Thruster Guns. The thruster Guns can be pegged into this back when not in use.

Laslty, he also comes with twin piledrivers.

Communications Tower backdrop

Overall, it’s a definite upgrade to the previous Earthrise release which came with Ratbat. It’s a shame he doesn’t come with elbow joints (like his brother). But at least he looks more proportional now, plus he comes with his Thruster Guns and piledrivers.


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