Transformers Studio Series Core Class Wheelie

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Transformers Studio Series Core Class Wheelie

His backdrop features the planet Quintessa, Too bad the backdrop can’t be properly used, thanks to the big gaping hole in the center.

Be mindful not to lose Wheelie’s little slingshot, it’s positioned here on the tray.

A young Autobot “child”, Wheelie is found surviving on his own on the Planet Quintessa by the Dinobots. He eventually joins up with the Autobots and becomes best friends with Daniel Witwicky. Playful and always speaking in rhymes, Wheelie tends to annoy the more serious-minded Autobots.

Wheelie comes with his little slingshot.

I think this version beats out the Takara LG-29 Wheelie by a mile.

Slingshot can be pegged underneath the vehicle mode for storage.

Overall, it’s the best Wheelie figure we’ve gotten so far in terms of show accuracy. I’m really impressed HasTak managed to go back and redo this little guy with so much improvement over the previous LG version. This is definitely the Wheelie that’s going on display with the other Studio Series 86 Movie figures.


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