Transformers Studio Series Gamer Edition 03+ Optimus Prime

Transformers Studio Series Gamer Edition +03 Optimus Prime

Based on Optimus Prime’s appearance in the Transformers War for Cybertron/ Fall of Cybertron video games developed by High Moon Studios and published by Activision. The games retell the story of the early days of the great Cybertronian War, of how Megatron spread Dark Energon across the planet and defeated Zeta Prime, leading to Optimus taking up the mantle of Prime.

In the games, Optimus is never referred to as Orion Pax, but is simply called Optimus. The death of Zeta Prime by Megatron’s hands forces the Autobot High Council to decree Optimus as the new Prime in order to lead the Autobots as they try to survive Megatron’s onslaught.

Prime Comes with the Matrix of Leadership. In the game, it was bestowed to Optimus near the end of the story by the “Core of Cybertron (Primus)”, as planet had to shut itself down for millions of years to heal from the Dark Energon corruption.

Too bad the figure’s hands don’t open up. There’s no way for Prime to hold the Matrix.

This version of Optimus Prime stands roughly 6.25 inches tall. While he’s not quite a Voyager Class figure, he is still taller than the garden variety Deluxe Class. He’s also priced cheaper than a Voyager too.

Prime comes with his Ion Blaster. To arm the Blaster, you’ll have to remove his right forearm (only the right forearm can be removed).

As per instructions, the removed arm can then be pegged into Prime’s butt for some reason (lol, this never happens in the games).

Not bad, but I don’t understand why they couldn’t have just made the blaster bigger so it can fit into the whole arm? Or is this some sort of cross-figure gimmick for this subline? Everyone can share different weapons?

Sigh…. a lot of hollow spaces here, Hasbro.. even on Prime, too.

Lastly, Prime comes with his Energon Axe.

The weapon has two settings. By default, the axe is set to its “halberd” configuration right out of the box. This is how the Energon Axe appears in the games’ cutscenes. But you can swing the blade around to create a full “double-bladed” axe, as it appears in the actual game playthroughs.

Thanks to the butterfly shoulder joint design, Optimus can even hold the axe with his two hands.

The handles can also be taken apart for … reasons, I guess?

As this is part of the Studio Series line, the set comes with a backdrop, featuring the “Kaon Prison Break” stage from the game.

The Ion Blaster can be mounted on the vehicle mode by pegging into slots under Prime’s feet..

The Energon Axe can then be pegged onto the Ion Blaster so that it can also be mounted on the vehicle mode (it’s something we never actually see in the game though).

Lol… I hate it when Hasbro cuts corners with design like this.

On the flipside, I do love it when they add paint details like this. Why can’t they do it more consistently across all their figures? Sigh…

Comparison with Earthrise Optimus Prime.

Overall, I like it. While he’s chunkier than I would’ve preferred, it still looks pretty good. I do wish Hasbro did a better job with the large empty gaps in the rifle and on Prime though, not to mention the weird look of Prime’s hands sticking out of the back of the vehicle mode.

Still. I think it’s a good update to the character, considering the original release was way back in 2010. Here’s hoping we get a Titan Class Trypticon or Omega Supreme for this subline.


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