Transformers Studio Series Gamer Edition 04+ Megatron

Transformers Studio Series Gamer Edition 04+ Megatron

Be mindful of the accessories, they’re not tied down and can fall out of the tray as you’re removing them from the packaging.

A former champion gladiator on Cybertron, Megatron executes his plans of world domination on Cybertron by starting a revolutionary war to change his world’s caste system. He begins his full-scale assault by attacking a Space Station protected by Zeta Prime’s Seekers, led by Commander Starscream. He eventually manages to recruit Starscream to his cause and learns of the dark secret stored aboard the station – Dark Energon.

Hmm… Megatron’s head seems a bit… puny… compared to the rest of his body.

Of course, Megatron comes with his iconic Fusion Cannon.

Megatron also comes with his Energon Mace from the War For Cybertron game.

Lastly, like all of the other Gamer Studio Series line figures, Megatron’s right forearm can be removed to allow weapons to be swapped into place, in order to recreate how the weapons look when they’re armed on Transformers in the games.

In the War for Cybertron video game, Megatron eventually masters the control of Dark Energon aboard the space station and infuses it into his Decepticon army. Energizing them with enough raw power to easily crush any resistance offered by the Cybertron’s defenders, including the powerful Omega Supreme.

In the game, Megatron transforms into a Cybertronian tank, with hover capabilities instead of traditional tank treads.

Unfortunately, due to the transformation design, Megatron’s turret cannot rotate.

Megatron’s Energon Mace can be mounted on top of the tank mode.

Like all Studio Series figures, the set comes with a backdrop, this time featuring the “Secure the Station” stage from the War for Cybertron game.

With Optimus Prime

Overall, not bad. It’s definitely bigger than the original toys but I can’t say I like the weird proportions for Megatron’s head. I also wish his Fusion Cannon was a bit bigger. I’ll probably skip the rest of the line since I’m pretty OK with the previous releases from over a decade ago.


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