Transformers Super 7 ReAction Unicron

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Transformers Super 7 ReAction Unicron

Super 7’s take on the planet-eating villain from the 1986 Transformers the movie. Standing roughly 6 inches tall and sporting only very limited articulation, this figure is meant to homage Hasbro’s original designs for the unreleased transforming 12″ toy back in the 80s.

Lol… I can’t imagine how this would have gone down if Hasbro actually pushed through with their plans to release this huge round figure in it’s full, massive glory back in the day. Would it even possibly sell at all back then?

Overall, not bad I guess. While it’s not going to win “Toy of the Year” by any stretch of the imagination, it’s still nice to get this representation of Has-Tak’s earliest attempt at giving fans a Unicron figure.


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