Transformers Taikongzhans Kubian Cool Become Brave Undersized Devastator

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Transformers Taikongzhans Kubian Cool Become Brave Undersized Devastator

The manual is actually hidden inside the small box on the side.

While an additional manual is included for the added connection piece.


The fully combined form of all six Constructicons. Devastator is immensely powerful, but is limited by his lack of intelligence (as is often the case with Combiners). Some figure Devastator is the most powerful of all the Combiners.

As a scaled down version of the original 18 Inch Combiner Wars Devastator, this guy fits the scale closer to the other Combiner Wars gestalts.

With the original Hasbro version.


Team leader of the Constructicons. He serves as an engineer and is often modest when given praise for his incredible work and craftsmanship.

Since he’s based on the Hasbro mold, he doesn’t have the elbow joints that were present on the Takara version.


The second in command of the Constructicon team and functions as a surgical engineer. Often disliked for being a snob who looks down on everyone else and is an egomaniacal glory-hound.


Functions as the team’s demolitions expert, obsessed with creating rubble from everything, making it his form of “art”.

Long Haul

Works as the main transport unit for the team. He’s unhappy about his role as he prefers to be fighting on the front lines instead of being in charge of supply lines for the Constructicons.

Since the figure is bulky, there’s not much to work with in terms of poses (just like on the original).


Serves as the member in charge of mining and salvage, desperate for approval from his fellow Constructions, tolerated by the group only for his shovel’s sensors which can detect minerals, gas and metals.

Most folks probably remember this guy for killing Prowl back in the 1986 Transformers movie.


An expert at materials fabrication, he uses acids and bonding agents to break down and rebuild anything and everything. Most consider his mixing drum as a chemistry lab on wheels.

The Full Team

Same as with the original Hasbro version, the Devastator parts can be disassembled and used as guns for the Constructicons.

KBB Devastator weighs 554 Grams and stands roughly 12 Inches.

Comparison with the Hasbro originals.

The scaled-down Constructicons are a bit shorter than the garden variety Combiner War Deluxe Class though (please ignore the scrape on Prowl’s chest, I just borrowed him from my son’s collection, I was too lazy to dig up my copy).

Overall, considering how cheap this set is, it’s a pretty sweet deal. I do wish they incorporated some diecast in somewhere to make the figure stand more solid.

The only drawbacks are that the plastic doesn’t feel as sturdy compared to the original Hasbro version (you can feel it especially feel it when it comes to the ratchet joints). It doesn’t necessarily mean it would break, but it does feel a bit off when you’ve handled the original.

I’ll probably relegate this figure to my CHUGs line, since it fits in scale better with the Combiner Wars Gestalts compared to the official Devastator.


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