Transformers Takara Legends LG-21 Hardhead

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Transformers Takara Legends LG-21 Hardhead

Hardhead comes with Ros (Duros in the US version).

Titan Master Duros/Fu-ros/ Ros

According to the Hasbro Bio, Fu-ros grants his partner quick regenration and self-repair abilities

There are hardpoints on the vehicle so that Titan Masters can fit and ride on.

Head On!

The headsculpt for the Takara version is very different from the Hasbro version. This version follows the cartoon look more accurately.

Shoulder cannon

The Takara version also comes with Tankette

In the comic included with the figure, Tankette is actually sentient, so she (yes it’s a she) isn’t just an ordinary vehicle.

Fighter mode

Weapon mode

The prices for the Takara versions are really high on Ebay. A far cry from the Hasbro version’s SRP. But I think the improvements and color accurate looks are worth it, if you can find a reasonably “close to Japan SRP” source for them


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