Transformers Takara Legends LG-23 Galvtron

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Transformers Takara Legends LG-23 Galvtron

Galvatron comes with a Megatron Titan Master

Same as the Hasbro, you can plug Titan Masters into hard points in the vehicle modes.

Fighter mode

Head on!


Supposedly, the color is based off the cartoon design. I think it’s a bit too light. It needs to be a darker shade of violet/purple.

In fairness though it looks way better than the Hasbro version is some aspects, mostly due to the more detailed paint apps.

Die, Autobots!

Man, I really wish someone would make a better head for this guy, I really hate the silly face crown design, it limits the articulation so much.

Comparison with the Hasbro version

Overall I think the Hasbro version looks a bit better aesthetically due to the darker colors. But the Takara version looks great too due to the detailed paint apps.


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