Transformers Takara Legends LG-25 Blurr

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Transformers Takara Legends LG-25 Blurr

Titan Master Hyperfire

In the Hasbro version, Hyperfire (sometimes Targetmaster Haywire), grants the ability of fast speed to his partner. In the Japanese version, this is simply Blurr in humanoid form.

Head on!

Remember to raise the antenna on his head in robot mode.

Blurr was voiced by John Moschitta (the guy who did those really fast Micro Machines commercials) in the old G1 cartoons.

I think it’s really great we finally have a perfect “G1 homage” Blurr. It looks very spot on to the G1 character. It’s too bad the US version follows the G1 toy look and lacks all the dynamic color of the Takara version, which follows the cartoon look. The Takara version of the figure is hard to come by now and is very expensive on the Japanese secondary market.

Electro laser reverses the polarity of his targets. Causing them to short-circuit.

The hood of his vehicle mode comes off and becomes a shield. I forgot to take a photo of this though. (D’oh!) . The shield also functions as a sled of sorts for other Titan Masters.


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