Transformers Takara Legends LG-27 Broadcast/Blaster

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Transformers Takara Legends LG-27 Broadcast/Blaster

Remote control

The remote control also serves as a “Rocket-Sled” for Titan Masters.

Remote control can be stored in his chest, like a cassette/data pack.

With Titan Master Twin Cast

Titan Master Twin Cast

Supposedly, Twin Cast’s ability is enhancing his partner’s ability, which in this case is hacking data from the Decepticons.

Head on!

Finally!! It feels like forever since we’ve gotten a proper Blaster figure that transforms into a boombox and is properly sized to go with our other Autobots. In the old G1 comics, Blaster was the leader of the Autobot resistance on Cybertron after Prime and the others left aboard the Autobot Ark.

Blaster’s rifle can be pegged into his back.

Slightly different from the G1, this toy still has a variation of the chest panel eject gimmick. Cassettes no longer pop out like in the War for Cybertron toy though.

Chest panel opens up to reveal sensors and such.

I do wish we had gotten a more cartoon accurate head though. Plus darker colors of red. This shade just seems too dull.

The peg for Soundwave’s shoulder cannon is here. I guess they really planned the two of them to have the same mold from the start, eh?

Blaster is a bit chunky, since the cassette/data packs, now slot in vertically instead of horizontally like in the G1 toy.

Base mode (Sound stage?)

To pop out the second layer of the chest, just simply push up on the clear plastic bottom (not possible with Soundwave).

lol.. DJ’s booth?

Ramps can be attached optionally, these help connect to other base modes of other Transformers.

With his “tapes” Rewind and Stripes (Hasbro version). Later on we’ll be getting Ramhorn but he will be a retool of Titan Master Shuffler and not a “data pack”. Hope Takara fixes that hiccup.


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