Transformers Takara Legends LG-30 Weirdwolf

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Transformers Takara Legends LG-30 Weirdwolf

Titan Master Monxo/Monzo

I think his headsculpt is the same as the Hasbro version’s?

According to the Hasbro version’s bio, Monxo grants his partner the ability to rewind time a bit but at a very high cost of energon.

Similar with Skullcruncher, Weirdwolf’s canopy was made with a rubbery, soft-type plastic. Not really the best choice in material, me thinks? Supposedly the Hasbro version has quality issues with the material cracking at the hinge joint. Fortunately I didn’t encounter this with the Takara version.

Head On!

If memory serves, Weirdwolf was the squad leader for the Decepticon Headmasters in the Japanese series. He usually barked orders to Skullcruncher and Mindwipe.

Photon Pistol

Thermo sword

Weirdwolf also comes with his drone, Rarigo.

Gorilla mode

Jet mode

Weapon mode


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