Transformers Takara Legends LG-31 Fortress Maximus

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Transformers Takara Legends LG-31 Fortress Maximus

Box is huge! Measures 23.25″ x 16″ x 9.25″

Cerebros/Fortress comes packed in robot mode.



Head on!

The head is drastically different from the Hasbro retail version, but is similar to the SDCC one.

Master Sword

Cerebros/Fortress’ Master Sword is actually removed from the tip of the big sword.

Cerebros/Fortress weighs 130 Grams

Big Mode – Head On!

When you press on the chest panel, you trigger sound effects. But, unlike the US versions where we only get sound effects and the secret Transformer theme (not available in the retail version, only for the SDCC), here with the Takara version we get full audio sentences from right out of the show, plus the Headmasters Anime theme from the 90s. Very cool. The eyes light up, same as the US versions.

Master Sword

The Master Sword can actually split into 3 pieces (same as the SDCC version). I just forgot to take a pic of it again.

Sadly, due to the lack of an ankle joint, Fort Max is still a bit rigid to pose.

Fortress Maximus isn’t really a 24″ bot, he’s roughly about 23.25″ only. I think he is taller than Metroplex by a smidge. He also weighs 2851 Grams. Heavy. But the G1 was heavier (over 3KG).

Battle Platform mode.

Fortress in “tower” mode.


City mode

I don’t know why but I really love this ramp section.

Secret escape hatch?


Personally I still prefer the city mode of the G1 though, this one just seems to bare with just one center tower. From what I understand, this city mode design is based off the alternate base mode look of Fortress Maximus in some G1 catalogues.

Base cannon

Base cannon can also be equipped on Max’s arm.

With regards to the spare leg cannon, I prefer to attach the base cannon to it so Spike has a vehicle to ride around his “city”

Comparison with the SDCC verion. I’m surprised the SDCC has way more stickers. I kind of feel sorry for the factory as stickers tend to be applied by hand I think? applying the stickers on the Takara version was a chore, what more with the more numerous SDCC?

Tower modes

Head modes


The Takara sword has a flat matte finish while the SDCC is more glossy.

Big modes

Personally I love the SDCC more since the colors are a lot better and the stickers add more details, but as far as show accuracy goes, Takara wins it (as usual).

Hmm.. I’m still waiting on third parties (Perfect Effect Pc-14) to release a proper gun and ankle set for Fort Max, the sword alone isn’t impressive enough here. The ankle/footpad add ons from DNA Design DK-04 set coming in March 2016 will really improve the look of the toy too when it rolls out.


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