Transformers Takara Legends LG-32 Chromedome

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Transformers Takara Legends LG-32 Chromedome

With Titan Master Chrome/Stylor

Stylor can ride inside.

I like that Takara opted for clear windshield to make Stylor more visible inside the driver’s seat (the Hasbro version has tinted windows).

Weapons can be mounted on the roof.

Titan Master Stylor/Chrome

According to his Hasbro bio, Stylor grants his partner “mnemosurgery” abilities, the power to enter a bot’s mind and view, edit or alter memories. Even to the point of changing the target’s personality altogether.

Head on!

Chromedome in the Japanese cartoon continuity was the Headmaster team field leader and second in command, after Fortress. He played a huge part in the the Headmasters series and was very prominent in the show.

However, in the US version “Rebirth” he hardly did anything, I think he just had one line in the whole “Rebirth” saga.

Laser guns

The Takara set comes with Moguru, a sentient tank drone. Interestingly enough, in the mini-comic it’s revealed that Moguru is an unwitting mole sent by the Decepticons. He later joins the good guys for reals though.

Jet mode

Tank mode

Weapon mode

A very nice modern day take on the character. I’m actually torn now whether or not to grab the old G1 Headmaster toys off Ebay later on. As these newer versions do satisfy my cravings for the G1 characters and look great, despite the smaller size.


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