Transformers Takara Legends LG-33 Highbrow

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Transformers Takara Legends LG-33 Highbrow

With Gort/Xort/Gorter

Gort can ride inside

Likewise, gort can ride in the gunner’s seat on the side.

Titan Master Gort

According to his Hasbro bio, Gort has the power to give his partner the ability to manipulate gravity. Pretty handy I guess.

Head on!

If I remember right, based on his old G1 bio, Highbrow’s personality is somewhat arrogant as he feels that he has superior intellect. Kind of like Skylynx.

Highbrow’s guns can be stored on his hips.

A quick note. There’s supposed to be a chest plate that you can flip out to make him show accurate. I missed this step in the earlier photos. Lol, I didn’t feel like redoing some of them so some of the pics have the chest popped out, some don’t. But it’s supposed to be popped out.

Highbrow comes with Karugo, a sentient drone vehicle.

Tank mode

Weapon mode

There’s also a fourth mode for Karugo based on the pack-in mini-comic, a microscope. Which is just the same as weapon mode but with the cannons tilted upwards.

I still haven’t gotten my Brainstorm and Mindwipe. But I sure am excited to complete the Headmasters gang.

Now to wish HasTak give us proper Headmaster Junior figures and not just tiny 2-inch guys.


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