Transformers Takara Legends LG-34 Wipe/Mindwipe

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Transformers Takara Legends LG-34 Wipe/Mindwipe

Servant is a bit tricky to return to the tray, but here’s a close up of how he’s supposed to look like when returned properly.

With Titan Master Vorath

Titan Master Vorath

Vorath’s ability is to give his partner the power to override other bot’s central processors and make them his servants (mind control).

Vorath can ride inside the chest cavity.

Head on!

In the Japanese verison, Mindwipe is simply called “Wipe”, yeah, not the coolest name, I know.

The bat mode’s “tail” becomes a melee/shield weapon.

“Viper pistol”

Pistol can be mounted on the shield.

The Takara version comes with a partner drone, Servant.

Robot mode

Dino mode

Servant’s weapon mode is supposed to a megaphone, which can increase Mindwipe’s range of mind control)

The original Decepticon Headmasters team is finally complete!


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