Transformers Takara Legends LG-35 Ginrai (Power Master Optimus Prime)

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Transformers Takara Legends LG-35 Ginrai (Power Master Optimus Prime)

With Titan Master Apex/Ginrai

Titan Master Apex/Ginrai

According to the Hasbro bio, Apex carries a portion of Prime’s Spark, which when combined with Optimus Prime, he increases the Autobot leader’s combat abilities.

Head on!

In the Masterforce series, Ginrai is a human who comes across the stolen Transtector body meant for Optimus Prime. The body resonates with him and he becomes the Powermaster for the body. After the series ends, the Transtectors all become sentient and gain the intelligence and personalities of their human partners and return to space to join the hunt for the Decepticons.

The feet have been completely retooled from the Hasbro version, this is to make the feet more show accurate, have better ankle articulation and have the ability to combine with the God Bomber unit later on.

The design isn’t too bad but the red “heel” should have been made with a “lock” joint to keep it in place, as is, the heel keeps folding and this causes the toy to keep falling backwards if not posed properly.

Even his rifles are new, no longer using the Ultra Magnus gun molds.

Rifles can combine.

Shoulder cannons

Base mode

The new telescoping forearms make the “towers” look taller.

Comparison with Hasbro’s version, Power Master Optimus Prime.

The forearms arms have been retooled from the Hasbro version, they now “telescope” for better transformation.

The shoulder cannons sport a whiter shade of plastic, the off-white color of the Hasbro version pales in comparison.

I’m really excited for the LG-42 God Bomber unit to arrive.


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