Transformers Takara Legends LG-40 Astrotrain

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Transformers Takara Legends LG-40 Astrotrain

Shuttle mode

With Titan Master Darkmoon

Darkmoon can ride inside the Shuttle.

Train mode

Darkmoon can ride inside the train mode as well.

Titan Master Darkmoon

According to the Hasbro bio, Darkmoon’s ability is granting his partner super stealth abilities.

Head on!

The colors are really great on the Takara version of this toy, the practically all-white colors of the Hasbro version pales in comparison, and don’t get me started on the silly bright orange of the Sentinel Prime redeco of this mold.

I am so glad Has/Tak got it’s act together and finally gave us a Voyager class Astrotrain.

Forearm cannons are a nice touch.

Darkmoon can ride shotgun on the gun.

Comparison with the old Henkei Deluxe Class version.

With Blitzwing and Octane also getting released in Voyager Class, I guess we can complete the Triple Changers in modern tooling at long last.


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