Transformers Takara Legends LG-43 Dinosaurer / Trypticon

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Transformers Takara Legends LG-43 Dinosaurer / Trypticon

Box is huge! If you thought the Hasbro version was big, this one is much bigger!

Box dimensions: 23.75″ x 15.75″ x 9″

Side shows the names of the various modes, both in English and Japanese.

Compared with the Hasbro box.

The Takara version is shorter by an inch.

But is wider by 1.23″

Lastly, it is much, much thicker by roughly 3″. This is mainly due to Trypticon being packed facing forward instead on its side on the Hasbro.

I wonder what this canal is for? The toy doesn’t seem to have anything missing.

The sticker sheet is very different from the Hasbro version. The stickers have the same content, but rearranged on the Japanese version to make it easier (?) for folks to find stickers (The Hasbro layout was harder to find stickers IMHO).

Lastly, yes, the toys are practically identical. Takara didn’t change the plastic colors, add any paint apps or included any extras (a Brunt cannon / figure would’ve been a welcome add-on) like previous releases. I guess this is all part of Hasbro’s plan to “unite the brand” in terms of quality. Too bad. I really liked Takara’s take on making their toys match the G1 cartoons. Unlike Hasbro’s take, where it followed the colors and designs of the G1 toyline.

The only real difference I can tell is that, like previous Takara releases, this guy uses black screws, while the Hasbro version uses silver screws. On the off chance you mix up the releases in a pile, this is one way to segregate them.

I picked this guy up since I already preordered him, but I’ve decided to keep this figure tied to his tray, as I’m happy with the (cheaper) Hasbro twin.


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