Transformers Takara Legends LG-45 Hot Rodimus

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Transformers Takara Legends LG-45 Hot Rodimus

Interestingly, starting with this wave (Sharkticon, Hot Rod, Chear/Kup), Takara Tomy seems to have dropped the extra flaps for the plastic tray. Which is good since I never liked those. they made removing the figure from the box way too tedious than it should be. This goes back to as far as Transformers Superlink. It’s about time they dropped the extra flaps. A real waste of plastic.

Headmaster (Firedrive in the Hasbro version)

According to the Hasbro bio, Firedrive grants his partner the ability to fire electrostatic fire blasts that disables the systems of his targets.

Targetmaster Firebolt. Very impressively detailed. Takara did a great job with the Targetmaster figures. At least they have some basic articulation now.

Target on!

Head on!

I really love the colors of this version, way better than the bland red colors of the Hasbro version. This figure also features new chest plate, for folding up the engine block, which really stood out like a sore thumb on the Hasbro version. Plus the chest plate is full now, as opposed to the strange missing gap in the Hasbro version.

With Targetmaster Firebolt

Here’s the link to the Hasbro version gallery

Still not loving the oversized shoulders but it is what it is. I hope the other G1 Targetmasters also make it into the Legends line.


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